Cordless Polarity Computer-Safe Circuit Tester





  The CT8007 is a computer safe, all solid state electronics circuit tester. Unlike regular test lights, this high-impedance circuit tester is safe to use around automotive computers, electronics, ecm's, sensors and air bags.

Rugged, built to last and simple to use, is self powered (no batteries needed) and it requires no wire or clip connector to ground. The CT8007's LCD display shows polarity, allowing users to check for power and ground in less time that it takes to set-up a regular test light. Specially designed for use in automobiles, trucks, tractors, trailers, RV's, motorcycles, boats and any DC powered circuit from 3 to 28 volts.


  • No Ground or clip required
  • No ground wire means no wire tangles nor time lost searching for grounding points
  • High Impedance electronic circuitry
  • Negligible current draw ( 1 microampere) is 30,000 times less than regular lamp type testers. This gives complete safety when working around sensitive electronic control modules and sensors
  • Operating range between 6 and 28 Volt DC in battery powered systems
  • Liquid Crystal Display indicates "CIRCUIT OK +" on contacting positive voltages, and "CIRCUIT OK -" on contacting negative voltages
  • Lightweight high strength plastic construction with cap and clip
  • Uses no batteries. Maintenance free

Technical Specifications

  • Input impedance: 10 Mohm Minimun input impedance (approx. 1 microamps @ 24 V)
  • Input Voltage: 6 to 28 Volts. D.C.
  • Indicators: LCD display with polarity indicators
  • Body: High strength, lightweight carbon fiber reinforced plastic
  • Power source: Self powered
  • Weight: 1.2 Oz ( 30 g)
  • Dimensions: 4.562"L x 1.062"W x 0.438" D. (116.05 x 26.98 x 11.12 mm)


  • Rugged Solid State electronic voltage detector needs no wire or clip connector to ground
  • Safe around automotive microcomputers, electronics control modules, sensors, etc.
  • Specifically designed for use on autos, trucks, trailers, RV's & boats.


  • CT8007
  • Cap with pocket clip
  • Instructions