Infrared Thermometer with Laser Sight

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  The LTX10 is a contactless infrared thermometer with laser sight, useful in all kind of applications such as automotive, industrial, marine, agricultural, aviation, HVAC, farming and general temperature measurement applications where performing quick measurements, measuring from a safe distance or in hard to reach places is required.

  The LTX10 will do the job each and every time quickly and reliably. The units offers a temperature measurement range of -20 DEG F to 1000 DEG F, a 10:1 optical ratio and it comes loaded with a laser pointer, IR sensor, large LCD, selectable scales (˚C/˚F), backlight, laser On/Off feature, user's manual and a convenient soft pouch for carrying and storing the unit.


General Technologies Corp. LTX10 IR Thermometer

Simple and easy to use

Technical Specifications


  • Check rotor/drum temperature for sticking calliper pistons
  • Detect overheating electrical components, connectors, and wiring harnesses
  • Pinpoint radiator core restrictions and check coolant sensor temperature
  • Diagnose cooling systems
  • Diagnose catalytic converters
  • Quickly check temperatures for misfiring sparkplugs, dead cylinders, fuel injectors, axle bearings, air duct vents, tires and asphalt for racers
  • Air conditioner/Heat exchangers
  • Body shop(Painting/baking temps)


  • LTX10
  • Soft Pouch
  • 9V alkaline battery
  • User's Manual