Laser Tachometer and Counter

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  The TA110 Laser Tachometer and counter can be used to measure and test the number of rotations per minute (RPM) or total number of rotations or events on any spinning shaft, pulley, wheel, drive belt, fan, or other rotating objects in general, safely, accurately and easily due to its unique ergonomic design. Numerous application uses can be found in industrial, automotive, heavy duty, HVAC, agricultural and aviation maintenance sectors.

  Wide measuring range: 1 to 99,999 RPM or count, 2" to 20" reading distance, Min/max memory recall, backlit display, <0.3 sec response time, count function and auto power off.


General Technologies Corp. TA110 Optical Laser Tachometer/Counter

Simple and easy to use

Technical Specifications

For use in

  • Internal combustion engines
  • Electric motors
  • Rotating machinery


  • TA110
  • Soft Pouch
  • 16" (400 mm) long reflective tape
  • 9V alkaline battery
  • User's Manual