Small Engine Tuning and Repair

Quicker Fixes

There are over 100 million small engines in North America alone, and every one of these needs the occasional tune-up or repair.

Many ignore these needs, but GTC has spent the last 30 years making tools that help with small engine repair. Whether you’re working on a leaf blower, a generator, or a garden tractor, we understand your needs, and do our best to make the job easier!

Toubleshooting Non-Starts

You pull the cord… and nothing happens… It’s happened to all of us, usually in the Spring, when equipment’s coming out of storage.

The TA100, TA500, and GTC505 ignition analyzers are all excellent tools to help you figure out what’s going on, and go from ‘pull’ to ‘start’.

Setting Idle RPM

No carbureted engine will run well without a good idle setting. It may sputter and die, or it may end up gutless under load; either way, it needs to be adjusted.

People use many different tools to find and adjust idle settings, but GTC’s TA100 series of tachometers is the best, quickest, and easiest to use one!

Tuning Fuel Mix

A good fuel mix can be the difference between an engine that does the job and a disappointment. Just figuring out whether the engine’s getting to its power band can be tough unless you’re familiar with that specific model.

The TA100 will help you get the most out of generators, chainsaws, and lawnmowers.

Differentiating Between Coil and Magneto Failure

It’s usually the coil… except when it’s not… Nobody likes replacing the wrong part; it’s expensive, time-consuming, and frustrating.

We’re working on a new TA100 that will help you figure out what’s wrong, so you can fix it fast!