CT8027 Professional Automotive Digital Multimeter

  • EASY TO USE: Easy handling and operation, with a large easy to read display
  • VOLTAGE MEASUREMENT: AC/DC voltage measurement up to 600 volt and AC/ DC current measurement up to 10 A as well as resistance measurement up to 40 Mohm
  • TACHOMETER FUNCTION: Tachometer function with inductive pickup measures from 30 to 20000 rpm and dwell measurement in degrees from 0 to 360 degrees or duty cycle from 0 to 100 percent
  • TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT: Temperature measurement from -20 degree centigrade to 500 degree centigrade or 0 to 932degree Fahrenheit (selectable ºC or ºF)
  • FREQUENCY MEASUREMENT: Frequency measurement from 10 to 20 KHz
  • DURABLE: Rugged plastic enclosure with soft anti-slip rubber holster protects the instrument against impacts and chemicals

USD $199.50

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The CT8027 digital meter offers an easy and portable solution for troubleshooting electrical and electronic circuits and systems. With its large and easy to read display, you can use this device with one hand and keep sight of your testing point while reading the display. You can measure outputs in sensors, check grounds, voltage drops, and continuity across cables, and check components like alternators, diodes, fuses, and more.



  • Measure engine RPM, ignition dwell angle, and temperature of exhaust manifold, cooling system, air conditioning, heating system, catalytic converter, etc.
  • Measure output in sensors like Oxygen (O2), Coolant Temperature, Throttle Position (TPS), Manifold Air, Pressure (MAP), Manifold Air Flow (MAF), etc.
  • Check grounds, Voltage drops and continuity across Connectors, Wires, Cables, Relays Contacts, Lamps, Switches, etc.
  • Check components like Alternator, Diodes, Relays Coils, Condensers, Ignition Coils, Spark Plug Wires, Magnetic Pick-ups, Motors, Switches, Fuses, etc.
  • An essential tool for all around troubleshooting of electrical and electronic circuit and systems.



  • DC Voltage: 0 to ± 600V, ±0.3% ± 2 dgts., 10MΩ input impedance
  • AC Voltage: 0 to 600V, ±2.5% ± 5 dgts., 10MΩ input impedance, 50 to 500 Hz
  • DC Current: 0 to ± 10A, ± 0.8 % ± 4 dgts.,
  • AC Current: 0 to 10A, ± 0.8 % ± 4 dgts.
  • Resistance: 0 to 40 MΩ ± 0.8% ± 5 dgts.,
  • Frequency: 0 to 20 KHz, ± 0.01 % ± 2 dgts.
  • Tachometer: 30 to 20000 RPM, ± 2 RPM
  • Dwell: 0 to 360º, ± 1.2°/ krpm/cyl + 2d
  • Fuel Injector (pulse width): 0.05 to 250 mS, ± 0.05 mS +1d
  • Diode test: 2.4 ± 0.6 mA test current, 3.2 V max. test voltage
  • Continuity Test: Audible indicator (Buzzer) with circuit resistance is below 100 Ohm
  • Temperature: -20º to 500°C or 0°F to 932°F (±2% + 1 dgts.)



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Kit Manifest

  • CT8027 (core unit)
  • Protective holster
  • Hard padded case for carrying and storage
  • Two test probes, one red and one black 35½” (0.9 m)long each
  • One K Type thermocouple probe for temperature measurements
  • Inductive Pickup for RPM measurements
  • Two alligator clip adaptors
  • 1604A (9-volt alkaline) battery
  • User’s Manual


Proposition 65 Warning ⚠

This product can expose you to chemicals including Styrene, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and Bisphenol A (BPA), which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to: www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.