Heavy Duty and Industrial Maintenance

Solutions for Hard Problems

We’re used to helping with the difficult problems faced by mechanics and technicians working under tight timelines, in tough conditions. Our tools are designed to simplify the job, and help you get work done efficiently, with less frustration and wasted effort.

Verifying RPM

Many heavy-duty and industrial shops are required to independently measure RPM for tuning purposes, or for verification of compliance with emissions regulations. 

Our TA303 Universal Tachometer was made to help you get this job done quickly and easily. All it needs is a connection to the system power bus; the TA303 then automatically detects the alternator’s output frequency, and figures out how fast the engine’s going. It even comes with a cigarette lighter adapter, so you can use it from inside the vehicle’s cab!

Tracing Broken and Corroded Wires

Snowplows, salt trucks, tractor-trailers, and construction equipment are all subjected to harsh corrosion and wear, and it usually takes a toll on their electrical and electronic wiring.

Our FF310 Faultfinder is perfect for tracking down hard-to-find circuit faults, without requiring extensive disassembly of the harnesses and conduits.

Finding Faulty Fuel Injectors

Fuel injectors (especially those on common rails,) can be difficult to remove and check. Even bench tests can fail to detect sticky or leaky injectors under many circumstances.

The GTC605 Fuel Injection Analyzer helps you see what’s happening on the engine, to save you time and help you get the job done. 

Example of GTC605 being used on Honda engine