CT8007 Cordless Circuit Tester

Professional Cordless Polarity Circuit Tester Model CT8007 is back by popular customer demand.

General Technologies Corp/Sheffield Research is re-introducing this Computer-Safe Circuit polarity tester to the market based on the many inquiries it has received from end-users and technician throughout the automotive industry.

Specifically designed for use on autos, trucks, trailers, RV’s & boats, radio and electronic equipment installers and by any technician working on DC circuits between 6-28 Volt.

  • No ground wire means no wire tangles nor time lost searching for grounding point.
  • High Impedance Electronic circuitry.
  • Negligible Current Draw ( 1 microamp) is 30,000 times less than regular lamp type testers. This gives complete safety when working around sensitive electronic control modules and sensors.
  • Operating Range between 6 and 28 Volt DC in battery powered systems.
  • Liquid Crystal Display indicates “CIRCUIT OK +” on contacting positive voltages, and “CIRCUIT OK -” on contacting negative voltages.
  • Lightweight High Strength plastic construction with cap and clip.
  • Uses no batteries. Maintenance free.
Technical Specifications:
  • No Ground or clip required
  • 10 MOhm Minimun input impedance ( approx. 1 microamps @ 24 V).
  • Operates from 6 to 28 Volts. D.C.
  • Digital LCD display.
  • High strength, lightweight carbon fiber reinforced plastic.
  • Uses no batteries.
  • Pocket sized
  • 4.562″L x 1.062″W x 0.438″ D. (116.05 x 26.98 x 11.12 mm)

For additional info on this product, please contact your local Jobber or Mobile Distributor.