Testing Oxygen Sensors

There are a few different tests for oxygen sensors (also known as lambda sensors), some of which can be run without dedicated tools. The most effective tests tend to be done under normal operating conditions, on a sensor installed on an engine system, though there are some tests which can be done off-vehicle. You can test oxygen sensors with the following tools: Multimeters Clamp-Meters Oscilloscopes The ST05 Oxygen Sensor Tester Caution: Be sure to follow the oxygen sensor manufacturer’s precautions when testing, as well as the tool manufacturer’s directions, and read the vehicle (or other system) service manual before doing any test. Oxygen sensors get very hot when in use, be careful! But wait! Before testing anything, you need to know what kind of sensor you are working with, and where it is.

ST05 Oxygen Sensor Tester/Simulator gets nominated for the 2008 PTEN Innovation Awards

The ST05 has been nominated by Professional Tools and Equipment News for its 2008 Innovation Awards in the category Diagnostic Test Equipment. This high-tech, user-friendly Oxygen Sensor Tester/Simulator from General Technologies Corp. sports a simple interface for diagnostic tests on any Oxygen Sensor to quickly determine whether the Sensor is defective and needs replacement. It is designed as both a stand-alone tool or as a complement to any scanner during the diagnostic process. It can be used on all sensors: Zirconium; Titanium 1 volt; Titanium 5 volt; Wide Band “dual-Cell”; and Heated or unheated (1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 wires). The ST05 is simple to set-up and use, provides fast and accurate testing, shows output signal in real time, diagnoses “Lazy” sensors which may not trigger DTC’s but cause driveability problems, simulates Sensor Outputs, determines/locates faulty sensor, sensors can be tested ON or OFF vehicle, does not require time-consuming set-up or in-depth knowledge, Real-time cross-count is displayed on live bar graph, and instant sensor PASS/FAIL result shown on large display. For more information about the 2008 PTEN Innovations Awards visit:

ST05 Oxygen Sensor Tester and Simulator

This new, user friendly Oxygen Sensor Tester/Simulator model ST05 from General Technologies Corp/Sheffield Research sports a simple interface to perform diagnostic tests and measurements on any Oxygen Sensor and to quickly determine whether or not an oxygen sensor is actually defective and in need of replacement. It is designed to be used both, as a stand alone tool or as a compliment to any scanner during the diagnostic process. Can be used on: Zirconium Sensors Titanium 1 volt sensors Titanium 5 volt Sensors Wide Band “dual-Cell” Sensors. Heated or unheated Sensors (1,2,3,4 or 5 wires) Diagnose “Lazy” sensors which may not trigger DTC’s but cause driveability problems Sensors can be tested either ON or OFF vehicles. Does not require special time-consuming set-up or in-depth knowledge Real time cross count displayed on live bargraph Instant *PASS/FAIL* results displayed on large alpha-numeric display

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