CT8012/15/17/22/25: Digital Multimeters

General Technologies introduces a new family of digital multimeters. This family offers 5 different model, two of them in the popular and ergonomic “pen” type the CT8002 (manual range) and the CT8022 (autorange). The other model are in the traditional style: CT8015 (manual range), the CT8017 (autorange) and the CT8025 (automotive multimeter). These multimeter offer all the necessary functions like AC/DC Voltmeter, AC/DC Amp meter, Ohmmeter, etc. For further details visit our website at: www.gtc.ca

General Technologies Corp and its fully owned subsidiary, Sheffield Research has launched a new line of Multimeters ranging from manual to auto-ranging to automotive. The new line consists of 5 state of the art digital multimeters featuring new smaller and ergonomic profiles to ease handling while performing tests.

These full fledged multimeters can be used for measuring output in sensors like oxygen, coolant temperature, throttle position (TPS), Manifold Air Pressure (MAP), Manifold Air Flow (MAF), etc… Check grounds, voltage drops and continuity across connectors, wires, cables, relays, contacts, lamps, switches, etc… check components like alternators, diodes, relay coils, condensers, ignition coils, spark switches, fuses, etc… They are an all around essential tool for electrical and electronic circuit troubleshooting.

The models currently available are:
  • CT8012 Ergonomic Manual selection DMM
  • CT8022 Ergonomic Auto Range DMM
  • CT8015 Manual Selection DMM
  • CT8017 Auto Range DMM
  • CT8025 Automotive Multimeter

The company plans to increase its multimeter line and to continue to offer the industry unique, convenient and user friendly tools, which reduce set-up time and costs of diagnostic work.

For full technical details on the product line, please visit the company’s web site located at http://www.generaltechnologies.net or call 1-800-440-5582 for your copy of their product catalog.

General Technologies Corp and its fully owned subsidiary, Sheffield Research is an established manufacturer and worldwide supplier of quality diagnostic tools and equipment for the professional automotive technicians.