How to Check Mechanical Fuel Injectors with the GTC605

How to Quickly Check Mechanical Diesel Fuel Injectors with the GTC605

This video shows how you can use the GTC605 Fuel Injection Analyzer to quickly check mechanical injectors on a small indirect injection diesel.


(0s) Narrator: Starting and configuring the GTC605 only takes a few seconds; we’ll start by using the the easy-to-read digital view to check how long each injector is ‘open’ for on this Yanmar 2GM indirect injection diesel.
(15s) Narrator: The forward injector is opening for about 3ms per cycle.
(21s) Narrator: The rear injector is staying open a bit longer, about 5ms per cycle.
(30s) Narrator: Next, we can use the chart view to see how consistent each injector is, and whether either one is behaving erratically.
(38s) Narrator: The rear injector seems quite consistent, with a little variability around its 5 millisecond average.
(48s) Narrator : The front injector shows similar consistency, around its 3-millisecond average.
(52s) Narrator: Hmm…
(56s) Narrator: Given that each injector is self-consistent, but different from the other, we should use the waveform view to take a closer look; we’ll do that in another video.