TA100 Digital Non-Contact Tachometer with Spark Plug Voltage Meter

An all around useful Diagnostic Tool

General Technologies Corp introduces the TA100 professional Smartach+ to the industry as the first ever wireless handheld tachometer and secondary ignition tester.

The TA100 SmarTach + combines a wireless tachometer and a secondary ignition voltage tester into one hand held tool. The digital tachometer measures up to 20,000 RPM on engines with 1 to 12 cylinders, 2 or 4 cycles and DIS systems.

The wireless Smartach+ senses and picks up electromagnetic waves from the ignition system, eliminating the need for test leads, inductive-up or reflective tapes. When held about a foot over the ignition system with the antenna extended, the tach speed is displayed instantly on a digital screen.

The Secondary ignition voltage tester provides a digital readout of the spark plug wire voltage, useful in detecting and troubleshooting problems in ignition systems, such as cylinder misfires, bad spark plug wires and whether a spark exists in no-start diagnostics.