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GTC505-CSC 2 m Cable and Clip-on Sensor for GTC505

The GTC505-CSC is designed for use with the GTC505 Engine Analyzer and allows for measurement of ignition systems in hard-to-reach places, from a remote position. This accessory consists of an 83.5” (212 cm) long coaxial cable, and a shielded clip-on spark plug wire sensor. The cable can also be used with the standard sensors supplied …

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GTC505 Engine Ignition Analyzer

The GTC505 is a complete ignition system analyzer, compatible with all common types of spark ignition systems. The GTC505 can: Display waveforms in real time Compare readings between cylinders Detect and display dwell angle and primary current ramp time Chart burn time, spark plug voltage, dwell/ramp time, and RPM for each spark, allowing for detection …

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FF310 Short Circuit Detection Tutorial

This video shows an FF310 FaultFinder being used to trace a short circuit in a 1995 Honda Civic Coupe. The FF310T (transmitter) is connected to the circuit via the (included) fuse socket connectors, and the FF310R (receiver) is used to track the wire through the interior panels, into the trunk (boot). 

TA500 Multisystem Ignition Analyzer

General Technologies Corp’s, new TA500 SmarTach+COP is the first tool of its kind in the industry capable of testing and diagnosing ignition systems on engines using: Coil on Plug, Coil near Plug, DIS (Distributor-less) or waste spark, magneto and conventional distributor/ignition coil technologies.Simple to use, the TA500 requires no special adapters, cables or a scope …

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TA100 Digital Tachometer and Engine Analyzer

General Technologies Corp. started shipping the new and enhanced TA100 Smartach+. This new version of the popular wireless tachometer and secondary ignition voltage meter, incorporates many new features, like a rugged flexible antenna, protective rubber holster, enhanced detection range for the tachometer function, more accurate secondary ignition voltage measurements, maximum and minimum display, a function …

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TA300 Digital Diesel Engine Tachometer

General Technologies Corp. has released its new dedicated Diesel engine tachometer model TA300, to replace the older model TD101. This new tachometer add several features, which provide it with the flexibility to use this instrument with a wide variety of engines and conditions. Some of the new features include: backwards compatibility with the piezoelectric used …

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LTX12 Infrared Thermometer with laser sight and ThermoSounder

ThermoSounder ™… saves time and money General Technologies’ exclusive ThermoSounder feature on the LTX12 Infrared Thermometer provides users with audio feedback allowing for quick and easy detection of both cold and hot spots, without the distraction of having to follow and interpret the the digital readouts. LTX12 includes: Exclusive ThermoSounder temperature audio feedback State of …

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TA110 Ergonomic Laser Tachometer and Counter

General Technologies’ patented TA110 Laser Tachometer can be used to measure the number of rotations per minute (rpm) on any spinning shaft, pulley, wheel, drive belt, fan, or other rotating objects, safely, accurately and easily due to its unique ergonomic design. TA110 includes: State of the Art patented ergonomic design Wide measuring range: 1 to …

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